Friday, July 30, 2010

Iowa City visit

Mom and I went to Iowa City yesterday for the scheduled three month check up. All said and done, it was a routine appointment, except for one factor.

A couple of weeks ago when mom went to Trinity in Moline to get her blood work done (routine), they were a little alarmed that her CA 125 count was extremely high. This prompted the need to get a CT scan of her pelvic area to see what was going on. Nothing showed up on the scan. The Iowa City radiologist is reviewing it as well, and they will call if they see anything discernible.

The Iowa City doctor ordered a chest x-ray to see if anything was going on in her upper torso. Mom is going to have that done at Hammond Henry probably early next week. She wasn't sure how soon they could get her in.

Yesterday the physician's assistant went through some possibilities, but the bugger is that mom really doesn't have any symptoms. She feels fine and has been active... going to Jazzercise and walks. Her weight has been steady (it was at 108 yesterday). She isn't bloated. There are no symptoms of anything.

Maybe the chest x-ray will shed some light or not. Mom goes back to Trinity in three weeks and they will measure her CA 125 level again. And if it goes down, then maybe there was something out of whack. If not, who knows. More tests?

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