Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cancer counts

Mom went in for another blood test this week and Dr. Porubcin's office called her Friday to tell her that the CA 125 was over 1200 - which is extremely high given the time frame. The last time the count was over 200 which was high to begin with in the first place. The doctors were concerned a month ago but also said that they don't treat "the number" necessarily.

Well now "the number" is high and she needs to look at some options. Dr. Porubcin put her on Tamoxifen - a drug that is mostly used for breast cancer patients, but there has been some success with ovarian cancer patients. It blocks the estrogen activity and prevents the cancer cells from binding to some sort of protein. It has the potential of reducing the original cancer... so in theory it could potentially inhibit her cancer or at least keep the counts from skyrocketing up any more. 

She wants to talk to Porubcin's office some more. I'm sure the doctors in Iowa City will have some information as well, so we will be doing a lot of talking in the next week to see what the next step is going to be.

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