Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chemo day

Today went well, nothing out of the ordinary. Mom was feeling ok and there was a slight sensation in her ears, but it didn't get any worse by the time the chemo was finished. Hopefully this week will be better than the last few.

Next week mom has the week off from chemo - so that makes a nice Thanksgiving Day holiday. Tim and Lisa (in laws) are hosting this year and Tom is making a turkey (professed to be better than Tim's but I think they both do a good job) and of course mom is bringing the Cranberry Sauce. We had a conversation about cranberry sauce today when she was in the room at Trinity. One of the guys from the local Gilda's Club always comes and visits the cancer patients, and we were talking about Thanksgiving. He described mom's cranberry recipe to a T and said that it was his favorite kind (the sauce with orange, apple and sugar in it). Too bad I won't be saving any leftovers as I'm sure he would love to have a sample, but I only get it once a year so he'll just have to dream about it.

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