Friday, November 19, 2010

More clots

Chemo weeks are always rough... mom has had a rough couple of days with blood clots dislodging from her lungs and moving up into her head. She had to get checked out yesterday as her neck was sore and there were veins bulging out... and sure enough there is a clot there (right side of neck). We went to Trinity where Dr. Porubcin could take a look at her and decide what to do from there. He increased her dose of Lovenox to 100 ml; which equates to 50 ml twice a day. She will do one shot of 50 ml in the a.m. and one shot of 50 ml in the evening. There isn't anything else they can do about it except just wait for it to dissolve.

We were reminded that this is a side effect of the chemo/Topotecan and that is something that mom's body is doing because of the drug (clotting). Increasing the Lovenox should keep on dissolving the clots accordingly. Each chemo session aggravates the clots which is a theory of why they keep breaking off after each time. She had her last chemo session on Tuesday, and felt ok but yesterday (second day after chemo-typically the hardest day) the symptoms arose.

I stayed over last night just because of the fact that she had a blood clot in her neck and I was afraid that the entire thing was going to dislodge and wanted to be there if any more symptoms happened. She was very tired and fell asleep early. This morning the vein looked a little bit better - she said it felt a little stiff, but better than yesterday. AND she didn't have any pressure in her ears... which is a good thing b/c that is one of the more annoying factors.

About 1/2 an hour ago she said she was feeling ok and went out to run an errand. I may go back out tonight or wait until tomorrow.

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