Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New three-week series

Mom's veins in her neck looked better today. We had a great Thanksgiving - inlaws Tim and Lisa hosted it at their cabin on the Mississippi. There were two different types of turkeys - Tom's version and Tim's version. Both were delicious and I got my cranberry sauce.

We met with Dr. Porubcin before chemo first to talk about her blood counts and general overview of her treatment. Dr. P said her counts looked good. Her blood pressure was a little high today, but not too concerned about it.

He talked about continuing to manage the "thrombosis" (clotting inside the vessels) with a twice a day shot of Lovenox. Since she's doing that for the last couple of weeks, she should have a one-up on this round of chemo and preventing any problems with the clots. I've got to think that there can't be much more to break free and make their way upward.

Mom requested a CA125 count yesterday so that should be done in the next couple of days. That test takes longer than the rest of the counts.

We talked a little about genetic testing and decided to put that on the back burner. Mom's case isn't really typical since there is no family history of breast or ovarian cancer. And the fact that it developed late in her life is another factor against it. I'm going to do some more reading about it and maybe bring it up again in a couple of months.

The chemo session went fine and we'll see how the next couple of days go. Hopefully better than the last month.

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