Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Second week

This week has been pretty good thus far. Mom had her second session of chemo on Tuesday and it went along without a hitch. The nurse had her CA125 report and the number had dropped quite significantly - down to a little over 700. Compared to what it was a couple of months ago, she seems to be responding well to the treatment (other than the clotting issues).

She said she felt pretty good today, other than a headache, so hopefully she won't have any harsh side effects for the rest of the week.

Scotty's birthday is this Friday so we are all going out to The Cellar in Geneseo for dinner. I'm sure Scotty would be just as happy at Culver's (like his Grandma) but there are some good things to celebrate this week: a birthday and the CA125 drop.

Next week will be her third week of chemo, and then she gets a break on Christmas week so I'm sure we will have a good holiday as well.

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