Sunday, December 19, 2010

Third week - time for a break

This series of chemo has been much better than last month. Mom didn't have as many "clotting" episodes, probably because of the increase dose of Lovenox (twice a day). This week has been ok, barring the headaches and bone pain. Hopefully in a few days she'll have fewer aches and pains and will be able to enjoy Christmas next week.

Scotty and Ethan are home and Chad will be flying in next week sometime. We also have a new addition - a 7 week-old puppy named Peter. Ethan and his girlfriend adopted him a few weeks ago and brought him back from Iowa State with them (are on winter break). Puppy cuteness aside, he is quite a good little fella and get along with Paddy and Lucy just fine, so Grandma Barb will have her lap full when she comes to visit next week.

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