Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chemo day

Mom met with Dr. Porubcin this morning before starting the round of Doxil. He said that overall he liked her blood counts, however the CA125 count went back up instead of going down (from 731 to 790). While this isn't a significant jump, he was expecting to see a little more progress.

He also didn't like the way her feet looked; red and peeling with some cracks. The are worse than the last round and he is apprehensive about continuing mom on the Doxil unless he sees some better results in the next month. She will continue to use the lanolin cream (Udderly Smooth) as long as needed - that is the best thing to use. And she has plenty of Udderly Smooth for awhile - thanks everyone for the tubes!

Mom is scheduled for a scan and blood work on June 3, and Dr. Porubcin will make a decision when he sees her on June 13 as to whether or not he will continue her on the Doxil or try something else. He mentioned the possibility of going back to the Taxol/Carboplatin mix (which is the combination that mom was on the first time she started chemo in 2009) so we may be back to square one.

The good news is we know how effective Taxol & Carbo is at killing the cancer cells. Mom had great results with that and her counts went down and stayed down for about 6 months. The not-so-good part is that she will lose her hair again and have a couple of down days each month because of the side effects. It's particularly potent and as much as they try to curb the nausea it still happens.

Thanks everyone for all of the continuing prayers, emails, notes, etc. She gets a lot of cards which she enjoys very much. She has great neighbors in Geneseo and the nurses at the Trinity Cancer Care Center are the best. She's a tough girl and will go the rounds.

We'll be taking a trip to Ottawa IL in a couple of weeks and she is looking forward to that... and there may be a trip to Arizona in the future as well. We haven't been there since A. Ruth and U. Bernie moved years ago. She's got some plans and she's not going to let cancer throw a wrench in them just yet.

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