Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day

Next Tuesday is mom's next chemo session. Compared to the previous session, she is feeling overall better than the last time. Her feet are the big issue - red, sore, peeling... and just all around uncomfortable. I don't know if the nurses in the Chemo Room at Trinity will have any more remedies to share but we'll ask. The cream seems to help somewhat, along with ice packs. 

Her hair is thinning out but not like she expected. I anticipated the possibility of shaving her head again, but even with some hair loss her curls still look nice. 

This Sunday is Mother's Day - and quite frankly haven't gotten around to planning anything but at the very least we'll have a nice luncheon or grill out at the house. The fact that it's Mother's Day and she is still here and keeps on hanging in there is enough to celebrate. I'm hoping that the CA125 count next week will give us some positive results that the Doxil is doing it's job! 

Happy Mother's Day!

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