Friday, November 11, 2011

Lunch at Good's

Mom and I took a road trip on Friday to have lunch at Good's with Aunt Carol, Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Steve. We all had a nice lunch and of course made room for pie afterwards. We also said a special prayer for Denny - Aunt Ruth had called and said that he was in the hospital because of some symptoms relating to his eye sight and head aches. Thankfully a stroke was ruled out but there are still tests to be done and mom said they were going to do a spinal fluid analysis that will hopefully give Denny and Peggy more insight into what is going on.

Mom has been feeling good the last couple of weeks, and she's looking forward to the holidays. We're going to go to a Christmas Open House next weekend at the Old Mill in Atkinson, Thanksgiving will be at my brother and sister-in-law's house in Port Byron along the Mississippi, and then the Geneseo Victorian Walk is on December 10. This year is the 25th Anniversary of the event, and it is also on Scotty's 22nd birthday. Mom is also thinking about a trip to Arizona in late February.

She has blood work done the week after next and then a doctor's appointment the first week of December. If she gets a good report then hopefully that will give her some time for the next few months to take some trips and not have to deal with chemo side effects. In hindsight maybe the drug shortage was a good thing in disguise. She has started on her new prescription plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield and it seems that it will be better than originally anticipated. She has a good value added option that will cover her Lovenox and reduce the effect of the donut hole. For once, it's nice to have some good news in her corner, but she is worried about Denny... so maybe everyone can send some cards his way and say some prayers. Prayers do work!


  1. Just came across your site through the Navagating Cancer website. Will be sending your mother good vibes from Texas! =)

  2. Thanks! Every bit helps!