Sunday, December 11, 2011

Doctor appointment

Mom's doctor appointment with Dr. Porubcin went as expected for the most part. Her CA125 crept up into the 40's, not a huge red flag, but he is thinking about the possibility of a chemo treatment in the future. The Doxil is still off the market, which is unfortunate because it worked when mom was having the treatments done. She is not having any other symptoms, so he's not going to look into another chemo drug at the moment. He will re-evaluate at the next appointment in February. He said she could go on one dose of Lovenox a day as long as it worked out in the prescription plan. The dosage will still be the same amount, but once a day will mean that there will be one less "stick" she'll have to deal with.

She's up to 107 pounds, which is great! I think she has more energy with more meat on her bones. She goes on walks twice a day and was almost in the clear to go to Jazzercise again, but Dr. Porubcin didn't want her to go quite that far just yet.

The float with Maxine
We went out to the Geneseo Victorian Walk last night and had some soup at First United Methodist and then went downtown to see the sights. There was a nice lighted parade this year. On one of the floats there was a rendition of the Hallmark card character, Maxine ( and the sign said something about Have a Crappy Christmas - which was funny. More funny is the fact that one of mom's friends calls her "Maxine" because of the funny (and sometimes crabby) comments she makes from time to time.

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