Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Visit to Trinity

Mom had her port flushed at Trinity today - but the same thing is happening that has been happening for the last few months: fluid goes in but they can't get a return back out. It's a one-way port for now. They aren't too concerned about it at the moment, but if they have to get it working in the future the nurses will have to figure something out.

Mom finally got over her cold/sinus infection after the second round of antibiotics. It kept her down for quite awhile, but she's back up to par now.

A couple of weekends ago Tom, Scotty, mom and I took a trip to Peoria for Uncle Steve and Aunt Rosemary's 50th Wedding Anniversary. The event was at a hall near their church in downtown Peoria. It was a very nice afternoon and it was good to see so many well-wishers (family and friends) celebrate the occasion. All of us cousins had a good chuckle over the photo albums - hairstyles and fashion changes over the years (can the 80's look any worse as time goes on?) but overall we really haven't changed that much. Just older.
Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Steve
Their original wedding cake topper..?...
Old photo of Aunt Carol, Aunt Ruth, Aunt Rosemary and mom
Grandma and Grandson!

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