Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Doctor Visit

Mom had a visit with Dr. Porubcin yesterday and he was a very happy doctor after reviewing mom's blood counts. Her CA125 has gone down to 11 (was 16 the last time) and she hasn't been having many symptoms that would lead him to believe that the ovarian cancer is active. He still harasses her about "the cough" - and I have given up telling him that it's a "McCann thing" and just leave it be. He should be thankful that he has only one McCann to treat. I was tempted to invite him to the McCann reunion on July 28 so he could meet Aunt Carol and listen to her cough.

Mom is going to have a lump removed in her breast in a couple of weeks. At her last mammogram, the radiologist had some concerns about what he saw... and they did do a biopsy but didn't get enough tissue for a sample... so just to be on the safe side the lump is going to be removed. Dr. Atwell, the surgeon (at Hammond Henry in Geneseo) is going to do the procedure - a "needle op" and remove the tissue. This procedure will be an outpatient and they won't have to put mom all the way under/anesthetize. She is worried about her last blood clot / PE episode from February. The procedure is on July 24.

Both Atwell and Porubcin feel that the clots aren't a concern anymore, but as fast as they happen, it is something to worry about and always in the back of mom's mind.

Friday July 20 mom and I are going to Ottawa to see Greg and Demara and the twins. They are passing through and wanted to stop for a visit, so it's a great chance for mom to see the twins. We have talked about driving to Kentucky but think it's just a little out of reach, so driving two hours is a great option!

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