Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance advocates for cancer patients

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is a very active organization who provides a collective voice about not only advocating for Ovarian Cancer research, but testing guidelines, out-of-pocket expenses, drug shortages, Medicare coverage and providing more educational and awareness programs.

They have recently worked very hard to make sure that Ovarian Cancer research stays in the fiscal budget, and through the web site have provided a link where people can look up to see if their congress-person supported funding or not.

If your senate or congress person supported the measure their name will show up along with a short thank-you note that you can send (already written!) to them via email. I think it is appropriate to also thank the OCNA for their ongoing crusade to support and advocate for people who have cancer. Having cancer is not only a rude awakening, but the other things that go along with it (insurance, drug costs, treatments) are mind-boggling and many times I have turned to someone there for help and/or clarification.

In my area, Representative Cheri Bustos supported Ovarian Cancer research for FY2014. She has a healthcare background and I'm sure is well versed on funding measures. I also know that she has a difficult job in voting to fund many things, and appreciate her vote of confidence for Ovarian Cancer research.

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