Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Two cancer survivors in the family

Mom and I traveled to Ottawa over the weekend for a baby shower... my cousin Alaina is now a grandmother (and hence we will all follow someday) to a little baby boy, Rayland. In some ways it doesn't seem like our children should be old enough to have their own children. I have a hard time picturing Travis (the father) much older than the age of 10. The same could be said for my own son - I will perpetually have him in my mind at the age of 4 - the fun time when he was too young for school and full of imagination.

ovarian cancer chemotherapy
Mom and Heather
It was a nice day for a family gathering and we were able to catch up with people that we haven't seen in awhile. Mom and I were able to talk to cousin Heather (daughter of her brother Larry), who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in February. Her symptoms were the same as mom's - bloating in the abdomen. After going through a scan the doctors discovered a tumor on her ovary about the size of a softball. Heather had a tumor removed along with her ovaries, uterus and omentum. Right now she is going through aggressive chemotherapy.

For all that she has been through in the span of three months she looks great and her spirits are good. Mom made Heather a teal quilt - and she was very appreciative as she says that she is cold all the time and really feels it when she is doing her chemo treatment. Everyone is keeping Heather in prayers for a full recovery.

Mom's BRCA genetic test results will be ready in another week. Dr. Porubcin (mom's oncologist) felt that the test was a good thing since now we have a family member on the maternal side who developed cancer.

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