Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AMAZING doctor check up

Dr. Porubcin had one word for mom today at her 3 month check-in: amazing! All of her counts were great and the CA 125 is down to 20.5.

She is not having any other symptoms (bloating, bowel irritations) and that is the best sign of all. Dr. Porubcin even wants her to have the port (in her chest) taken out as it hasn't been functioning properly for over a year. The nurses can get fluid in the port but not able to get a return. So it's not any good - and if she needed to use it she couldn't so it may as well come out.

Mom will still go in for blood work and check up in 4 months, and she will still be on the Lovenox twice a day. To me that is worth it and now she can look at maybe taking a short trip or two (there's one in April 2014... a bus trip to Branson MO and Arkansas). There's no reason why she can't plan a few things for next year.

She will have the port taken out in the first part of December. It's a simple procedure that she can have done at Hammond Henry in Geneseo.

So what to do? For so long she has had this cancer "thing" hanging over her head... it's kind of nice to not have to worry about it so much. It will be a nice holiday season (yes she has been asking us for the last month "HAVE WE DECIDED WHAT WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS YET?") this year and next year and the year after al.

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