Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Nancy, Mom, Regina and Lisa chatting at
the table. 
We had a great Thanksgiving out at my in-laws cabin on the Mississippi. It was a brisk day. The hubs Tom and his twin brother Tim both cooked turkeys - equally delicious - and then there was a huge spread of sides - stuffing, potatoes, brussel sprouts, salads, roll ups and mom's famous Cranberry sauce. I live for that every year and always take home the leftovers and eat it for days. Fresh cranberrys are the best. I remember every year when mom would make it she would use a meat grinder to crush the cranberries enough to make them chunky.

Hopefully mom had enough to fill her belly and put on a pound or two. She went home with some leftovers.

Next week she is going to have her chest port removed. She is looking forward to it as it has always been kind of a bother having it implanted right beneath her collarbone. She can't wear v-neck shirts and has to be careful with blouses, so now she can wear anything she wants after next Tuesday.

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