Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chemo, round 4 with Doxil

Yesterday Dr. Porubcin shared Thursday's scan results with mom. Apparently there is quite a bit of growth in her lymph nodes compared to her last scan. Compound that with her elevated CA125 and therefore she will be starting chemo on April 1.

Dr. P recommends doing Doxil again. She will be on a 4 week schedule and will have it for the next several months. There is not a concern that the drug will run out - one of the head nurses in the office said the company straightened out all of the distribution issues.

The worst side effect of the Doxil is how it wears down her skin tissue - so the areas where there is a lot of friction (feet, hands) need a lot of care. She still has issues from the Doxil from the last round she had a couple of years ago, so I don't know if this round will be worse or the same. The "Udderly Smooth" cream seems to help a lot - so if everyone wants to start sending her some tubes that would be great! She also needs to wear a lot of sunscreen as the Doxil makes her skin very sensitive to the sun.

Mom is also going to have another chest port put in on March 31. Even though she just had her other one removed in December, she wants to go that route and not have a pic line in her arm. The surgeon (Dr. Atwell at Hammond Henry) can put it in the right side of her chest and make it work.

Mom is down about the whole scenario as she was hoping to get through the summer but Dr. Porubcin feels that the sooner she starts on the chemo regimen, the better. The cancer is being a little more active than he would prefer, so it's best to nip it in the bud now. Keeping the cancer down is the priority!

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