Sunday, March 2, 2014

Three month check-in

Mom had an appointment with Dr. Porubcin last Thursday and also had her normal blood work done the week before. Her CA125 has shot up quite a bit (to over 100) and they had her do another test just to check and confirm. The second test also came back with the CA125 at 118, so Mom is scheduled for a scan next week. Dr. Porubcin wants to see if it shows anything (a growth..?...) and then he will determine what to do from there.

We knew at some point that Mom would have to go back on chemo - hence the check up appointments to keep tabs on the cancer and catch it before it gets carried away again. The cancer is always there and we know that, so we just have to keep it down...which shouldn't be hard to do. Mom had a nice long stretch without a chemo regimen for the last year - two years actually - and the unfortunate part is that we knew that eventually chemo would be in the picture again.

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