Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anniversary day

As good as the afternoon was yesterday, mom had a tougher time as the evening wore on. The pain from the chest tube was irritating and making it hard for her to sleep, but I think that after a while she eventually got a good 4 hour doze down. 

She ate a good breakfast this morning (half her oatmeal) and she looks perky-er but there is a little bit of pain still in the chest tube area still. Dr. Porubcin has not been in yet. 

Barb and Harry, circa 1963
Today is a bittersweet day - it's mom and dad's anniversary. Aunt Ruth and I deduced last night that they were married in 1963 (because Ruth wore the same dress to the wedding and prom??). So that's 51 years. 

It is really ironic because mom is at the hospital where dad passed in 1989. 

Barb and Harry were quite a snappy couple in the day. I think dad must of wore the same suit for years but mom was always very fashionable. I'll try and look for some more photos. 

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