Sunday, April 6, 2014


Today has been an up and down day. The nurses clamped the pleural-vac (the thing that has the tube going into her lung) to see if mom's lung could maintain the respiratory functions. She did fine with breathing, but the tube coming out of her lung is still painful and making her very uncomfortable.

She ate very well today otherwise - better than yesterday.

The nurses took an xray of her chest of 5:30p and the results were pretty good - there was some change in her right lung...not fully expanded but better than Friday; the left lung is the same. So they are going to keep the clamp on the vac and see how she does through the night, and then take another xray in the morning. If the results are good on that xray then they will take the tube out of her chest and see how she does from there. The nurses and doctor seem to be hopeful.

But in mom's words "you better be sure my lung is good before you take the tube out because you are not putting another tube in my chest again." That is how bad it hurt and mom is not one to complain really.

Mom received some flowers today and my sister in law Lisa came by for a visit. Chad called her from Chicago and she was happy to talk to him for a bit. She has been getting calls on her cell phone too so that seems to make the day go better. Hopefully she will get a good night's sleep tonight and have good results in the morning tomorrow. She wants to go home.

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