Saturday, April 5, 2014

Back to the hospital...

Mom started to have a problem mid-week, commenting that she was short-of-breath and just overall fatigued. Her voice also sounded raspy and I thought maybe she was coming down with some sort of chest cold or something. She also said her left hurt as well... wasn't sure what to make of that either. 

She talked with Dr. Porubcin's office yesterday morning, and they thought there was a great concern, so I took her over to the Dr office yesterday afternoon, and long story short (after tests - scans, EKG etc) they found that her right lung was 50% collapsed and the left lung was also showing some stress due to some small holes in her lungs. Pneumothorax. (Read more here >> )

Right away they took her into the emergency room (Unity Point Trinity Moline) ((Dr. Porubcin's office is in the same hospital)) and put a tube in her right lung and hooked her up to a machine to re-inflate the lung. They also put her on oxygen, which will help the lungs heal. 

They took her over to Unity Point Trinity West in Rock Island where she is going to be staying for a few days. Dr. Porubcin wanted her in the QC to keep a watch on her. She is in room 790 on the seventh floor. 

Last night was a struggle as she was in a lot of pain (from the chest tube) and they gave her quite a bit of morphine and vicodin to get control of it. I think everything kicked in at about 10:30 p.m. She slept on and off throughout the night, and has been sleeping most of the morning. 

At this point, she will have the chest tube until her lung re-inflates and not sure what the timeframe is on that. A couple more days at least. 

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