Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chemo day - Round Four

It was kind of comforting to be back in the Trinity Cancer Center Chemo room today. Most of the same nurses are still there - Carrie, Tracy and Marty - and they all know mom and were happy to see her (in a bittersweet way). They take great care of mom and all of the cancer patients. The room was full today, and that makes it fun because you get to meet people and hear their stories if they want to talk. The nurses are always great to family members and have always made me feel welcome and make sure that I can squeeze my chair next to mom's.

Mom was tired today - she didn't sleep very well at all last night - the bandaged area around the new port was not comfortable. I think the tape was irritating her skin a bit. The surgeon also left the needle in the port yesterday (so the nurses wouldn't have to re-access it today) and so that was uncomfortable as well. There were a combination of things that was just making it not easy for mom to sleep. Luckily she caught a couple of cat naps.

Overall mom's chemo session was about 2 1/2 hour total. The nurses gave her a mixed bag of 2 nausea meds and a steroid to start, and then put on the Doxil bag after that. Not sure if she will see any side effects right away since she has had this drug before. Her feet haven't been the same since the last time, and are not healed quite fully as it is, so I expect that she will have some blisters reappear in the next couple of months.

All in all the day went well.

She goes to Dr. Atwell for a check-in next week and get the stitches out of her chest. I'm hoping that we can hear about the cyst-thing that they took out of her neck by the end of this week.

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