Monday, April 7, 2014

Busy afternoon

Flower garden on the window sill.
Mom had a busy afternoon. The morning x-ray results were good, so the doctor took the GARDEN HOSE out of her right lung much to mom's relief. Her pain level went down dramatically after that.

She sat in the chair for awhile and ate lunch, and then had her mind on getting back to bed and taking a nap when my friend Kathy stopped by to say hello and how's it going... etc. About 10 minutes later someone announced that it was time for another x-ray and that her "transport" was ready (for the last couple of days they have been bringing the x-ray machine to her in the room; but since the tube was out of her chest that was out of the question now and mom had to go to the x-ray machine). So they put her on a cart and wheeled her down to the basement - I went along as I wasn't too trusting of the "transporter"(there's another story there). After the joy ride to the basement mom was looking forward to a nap, but the Physical Therapist said it was time to walk the hall.

Somewhere between the afternoon activities we set off a few alarms because I thought I could just help mom to the restroom instead of calling a nurse. I didn't know they had a bed sensor attached to her as well, so when her bum left the bed, a REALLY LOUD alarm went off. After I got the IV cart situated with all of the cords I turned around and the whole floor of doctors and nurses were standing in the doorway.

Mom finally got her nap though.

I'm hopeful that someone will come in tonight and have the most recent x-ray results. If they are good then she could be going home tomorrow, maybe. That's not confirmed. There was a short conversation earlier about whether or not mom was going to need someone to check on her at home. I'm sure we'll talk more about that tomorrow.

The good news is that she is feeling much better today!

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