Monday, April 7, 2014

Good night's sleep

Mom had a good night's sleep last night thankfully. The "garden hose" (that is what she calls it) in the side of her chest is uncomfortable, but the nurses have been on top of it and have helped mom manage the pain. Mom did get up and do a little walk down the hall yesterday so hopefully she can get some more activity in today.

The nurses did an xray again this a.m. so hopefully those results will be good. Dr. Porubcin was in early to check on her and I think that he was happy with her progress.

If the xray looks good maybe they will take the garden hose out this afternoon. Then she may be able to go home tomorrow. It always seems like this is all a big waiting game but the doctors and nurses want to make sure that mom heals properly (as we all do!) so we will wait.

To be continued...

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