Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chemo day

Mom and little Miles. 
Mom and I had a whirlwind weekend traveling to Indiana for Jeramy's wedding. Despite the 5 1/2 hour (each way) car ride mom wasn't too worse for wear... even though we missed the wedding because of the time zone.

We still were able to visit with everyone and mom enjoyed seeing Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bernie along with Greg, Demara and kids. We met little baby Aurora and got a few snapshots in while she sat still for a half a second. Miles and Camden kept us entertained at the reception. Jeramy and his new wife Megan are a cute couple and their friends were hilarious.

Today is a chemo day - mom will go back in next week for an EKG so they can check her heart muscle. As she is getting to the threshold level of the Doxil, they need to keep a check to make sure Doxil hasn't damaged the heart tissue too much. Once she gets to the Doxil max then I guess they will look to see what other cancer drugs are a good fit for her type of cancer.

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