Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Doxil free September

Teal Toes!

Mom did not have a chemo treatment yesterday – Dr. Porubcin decided to hold her off for now as her blood counts were good. The CA 125 crept up a little to 10, but that’s not a big jump and we are used to it going up and down a little.

Mom will get her blood counts done every 4 weeks and Dr. Porubcin will see her in 12 weeks to review things and see where she goes from there. If she needs another treatment of Doxil, she can get one as she has not reached that cap. Mom had an EKG done last week and that came back normal, so it looks like the Doxil hasn’t had too much of an effect on the heart tissue.

Today mom is going to get a routine scan so that Dr. P can check on her lymph nodes and see if there are any changes in size. 

Overall mom feels pretty good (aside from a broken rib - minor slip and fall not serious) and having a chemo-free September will give her good cause to celebrate her birthday on the 15th! Haven't talked to her about any plans but if we do a get together I will let everyone know. 

Meanwhile my toes are teal for September’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness month! I know cousin Gayle painted her toes as well! Hopefully we will see more toes! 

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