Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Happy Mothers Day Weekend!

Me and mom at Race for the Cure in Peoria.
Mom and I took a short road trip to Peoria this weekend to participate in the Race for the Cure in celebration of my cousin Laurie who had a mastectomy in January. Laurie has a great chance as they found the cancer right away and were able act quickly and remove all of in in surgery. She has no trace of cancer left in her body! It is a great thing to celebrate - how far cancer detection (in some cancers) has come in the last two decades. Watching Laurie in the sea of pink shirts was very intense as I had a true scope of the impact. Now that I have a family member who has had breast cancer it is all different to me now.

I was also celebrating mom this weekend as she was a true trooper and walked the entire 5K course with her sister (Rosemary), cousin Alaina and cousin Melinda and her daughters. We had a great time hanging out and had a thought that we should do that more often.

I added a streak of teal to my hair for mom and also for cousin Heather who couldn't be with us that morning. Her cancer fight is not over just yet... she is now starting another heavy round of chemo. I pray for her every day and hope that she can have the same success that my mom has had over these last few years. That is all we want - more time to spend around those we love and care about.

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  1. We/I do not know for certain that there is no trace of cancer elsewhere, only that there was no sign of additional breast cancer at the time of my surgery in February. The doctor's and insurance did not feel is necessary to have a PET scan for the type of breast cancer that was found.