Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Advocating for Ovarian Cancer

It sounds strange to say that we are advocating for ovarian cancer... but that is what creating awareness is all about. I scour a lot of blogs written by women who are living with ovarian cancer. The thing that sticks out about many of the women's personal stories is how they missed their symptoms at first. Even more startling is how their physician also missed or discounted ovarian cancer symptoms. Then months go by. And in those months, the ovarian cancer is growing and spreading... because why would any body be concerned about a little gut trouble or bloating?

That is why we need to be ovarian cancer advocates to talk about this with other women and empower women to be their own self-advocate if those subtle symptoms start to creep up. Because it can happen to any woman. Cancer history or no cancer history.

Self-advocacy does not mean that you have to climb up on a soapbox or sign up to give presentations in your local service club circuit. In the personal context, it means that you arm yourself with information to feel comfortable about being proactive and communicating clearly about your health concerns. It ultimately means that you are taking responsibility and assuming some control of your life when you have that nagging question in your head about "is there something wrong with me?"

We are all ovarian cancer advocates – families, friends, nurses, doctors and caregivers. No one should be shy about being concerned about their health.

I have run across many great organizations that are great about spreading awareness of Ovarian Cancer:

  • Teal Toes 
  • Ovations for the Cure 
  • Teal Diva 
  • Norma Leah Foundation
  • Ovar'coming Together 
Please add your voice to the mix!

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