Sunday, September 27, 2015

DAY TWENTY SEVEN Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - Chemo Update

The chemo room at Unity Point Trinity Cancer Center.
This is an overdue post - ! It's amazing how the days get away from each other and here it is Sunday.

Mom had another chemo treatment on Wednesday....this time with both the carboplatin and taxitere. (last week she had a treatment with the taxitere only). It went well and she didn't have any extreme reactions. The nurses set up the drip very slowly to start so they could watch for any signs. Even though this is the first treatment with the carbo this time around, it is in actuality her 10th treatment with the drug overall. The residual effects still stay in your body even though your last treatment may have been years ago (and her last carbo treatment was in late 2009). 

Next week she will get her blood work done so they can see if the treatments have had any initial effect. She will have more treatments and right now Dr. Porubcin is thinking two weeks on; one week off; two weeks on, etc. 

The side effects hit her on Friday - she was more nauseated and tired. Yesterday she had some nausea early but was able to get over the hump. My friend Cara Banks made her some of those yummy mini-meatloaves so she will have some good meals for the week. Mom has to get some weight on her bones as she is thin enough as it is. More calories can't hurt at this point. She managed to eat a few meals over the weekend... but as it goes a few days after chemo - you are nauseated and nothing tastes good. 

Mom is really looking forward to Travis and Sam's wedding so she is going out to get a new wig for the occasion. Not sure how fast the hair loss will be, but she has less hair than she had the first time around. It did grow back nicely after the first carbo treatment, but just not as much. 

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