Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close

Me and mom 1972
As September comes to a close, I hope that the conversation continues about Ovarian Cancer and the importance of finding an early detection practice and also keeping the word going about how important it is to be aware of your body and keeping track of any subtle changes or differences. Until there is a true detection vehicle out there for Ovarian Cancer, every woman has to be on top of her health.

The month of September has been a happy and bittersweet one for mom - she celebrated her 77th birthday, but also had to begin her 5th round of chemo. This last week was especially hard for her to bounce back from the treatments, and she is going to need more prayers for strength than ever. But I don't have any doubt that she will make it through this course.

Today mom had to have blood work done at Trinity so we also stopped at a local wig boutique on the way to check out the new styles and get options of colors since mom's hair grew back in more gray than before. She is excited about going to Samantha and Travis' wedding in another week, and is also looking forward to seeing her sister Ruth the same weekend as she will be in Ottawa at the same time.

Mom decided that she wanted to postpone next week's chemo treatment as she didn't want to be feeling nauseated and overall tired at the wedding. She will pick the treatments back up on Oct. 14 and 21.

There was a day in September that was dubbed "Mother/Daughter" day - not really sure of the date but I saw some photos floating around Facebook - so hence the photo in this post of me and mom circa 1972. For whatever reason (only 4 year olds know) I decided that I wanted to lean on mom and the photographer chose that moment to take the shot. The other photos from the sitting (of me mom and dad) turned out great but I think this one is my favorite. Each time I needed to lean on mom she was there. Sometimes mom had to straighten me up a little bit... but that's what a mom does - with a lot of love!

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