Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chemo day

Mom had her chemo treatment yesterday - it was the long one with the Taxitere and Carboplatin both in the same session. She did well and didn't have any adverse/uncomfortable issues as sometimes she has with the Benedryl bag.

Most uncomfortable was the weather! Sub-zero wind chills and high winds made it for a very cold day. My car had a hard time staying fully heated especially when we were heading into the wind! Thank goodness for seat heaters!

Today it is supposed to get UP to 24 degrees - which is still COLD but much better than yesterday. Mom has her Neulasta shot at noon today and that should be it for this week.

Next week mom is scheduled for a scan. Dr. Porubcin wanted to get an update on her progress with this round and see if some of the lymph nodes decreased in size. Her CA125 is staying low so that is a good sign.

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