Friday, February 5, 2016

Scan results & chemo

Mom had a scan done two weeks ago Friday, and overall the results were very good. The radiologist told Dr. Porubcin that her lymph nodes reduced in size by a couple of millimeters (which is significant!) and that means that the chemo treatments are doing their job. Even though the scan results were good, Dr. Porubcin still wanted to finish out his plan for her chemo treatment so she will be done at the end of February.

So last week she had a treatment (Taxetere only) and then this week she had a treatment on Tuesday with the Taxetere and Carboplatin. Mom had a slight reaction (flushed, nausea) when the nurses started the Carbo, so they stopped the treatment immediately. Dr. Porubcin decided that she had had enough Carboplatin for this series of treatments, so she will finish out the month with the Taxetere only.

She doesn't have a treatment next week, so she will get a bit of a gap until her next treatment on Feb. 16. That is a good thing as she has not felt the best yesterday or today. But mom is near the end of this round of chemo and hopefully that will be it for awhile!

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