Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ovarian Cancer Day of Silence April 7

I love the fact that there is increasing awareness of Ovarian Cancer. Tomorrow, April 7 is the Ovarian Cancer Day of Silence.

To really make a statement you are supposed to wear a piece of teal Duct Tape over your mouth for the entire day. Since I talk a lot in my day job - this is not feasible. HOWEVER I will be wearing a piece of teal KT tape on my arm for the duration.

Awareness is the only way we are able to cut Ovarian Cancer off at the pass. If my mom caught her cancer sooner she would not have had to go through as much chemo as she has over the last 7 years.

My mom is fighting a good fight. She is beating her odds. Her oncologist is calling her a bit of a miracle.

But it doesn't stop there - everyone needs to be educated about the subtle symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. Teal is picking up steam and I hope someday that it will be as ubiquitous as pink is to Breast Cancer.

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