Sunday, May 8, 2016

Team McCann STRONG

Team McCann Strong!
The Komen Race for the Cure in Peoria on Saturday was great! Team McCann Strong ranged from 3 years old to 77 years old (mom is the oldest person!) and I was happy for cousin Laurie (breast cancer survivor) I could tell that she felt good and was proud to be wearing a pink survivor shirt.

Mom walked the entire 3.1 mile route and I caught a snapshot of her and cousin Alaina crossing the finish line! Cousin Jane gets all the props for bringing our McCann Strong team together and I haven't heard our FINAL fundraising number but I think we reached almost $2,000!

The thing that is most important is having family and friends to support cancer patients - from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. While waiting to start the 5K run I had some conversations with breast cancer survivors and realize how far we have come with diagnosis and preventative measures... and yet it still is not enough. One woman I talked to who (breast cancer survivor) said that ever since her diagnosis she has not stopped talking about cancer and the importance of being your own health advocate and finding support from an organization like Komen. She actually pushed me throughout the entire race and we both finished at 27:45ish and she was the first survivor to cross the 5K run finish line from what I heard the other race officials say. I thought that was pretty cool.

There's a lot to be said for hearing someone's story and journey with cancer. It makes me a more humble person and makes me not take my health and abilities for granted. There's a lot to be said for being a part of a supportive community. This is not the same thing -  but in my weekly workout group I have found support from people that has made me a stronger person, therefore in the same thread, Mom has found a lot of support with family and friends and her church and that has meant all the world in her life as an ovarian cancer survivor.

I expect mom to have a very long life, and expect that we will be doing more races together in the future!

Running for Laurie, good friend Lindsay Thul and high school friend Claudine.

Me and mom pre-race.

Mom and Alaina cross the finish line!

Mom and sister Rosemary and sister Carol.

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