Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Doctor check-in and cataract surgery!

Throwback photo circa 1975-ish
As you can see by the title of this post, life is pretty exciting after chemo!

Mom had cataract surgery on her right eye yesterday. The bad cataract was removed and an implant was put in its place. So that makes two (she had the left eye done last year) close-to-new eyeballs to read with. This morning she said her crossword puzzle was easier to read and that was less than 24 hours since the surgery! At her follow-up this morning Dr. Wagle said all looked good.

After the eye appointment we went to her 3 month follow up with Dr. Porubcin. All of her numbers are good AND her CA125 is down to 4 points. Hallelujah! That low number made Dr. P. very happy and he was giggly - although he was concerned that he hadn't heard mom cough during the visit. I put Dr. P's mind at ease and told him that mom was coughing at Dr. Wagle's office because they had the thermostat set to about 50 degrees (it was freezing in there) so all is good.

Mom is now taking some time to get her household to-do list taken care of. The crew started on her new roof yesterday and that will take about three days. She is also going to purchase new windows for the south side of the condo.

Just for fun - a throwback photo from about 1974 or 1975. By the look on my face, I am not sure what my problem was at that particular moment... but I'm sure it was inconsequential. Looks like I also refused to put on a nice shirt and opted for a sweatshirt instead. Sometimes I just want to travel back in time and slap myself! Despite my attitude mom is still smiling in the photo - which is a great example of her demeanor - always smiling no matter what the circumstances. That attitude is why she made it through 5 rounds of chemo and survived her cancer - straight up positivity!


  1. Good morning Holly! My name is Theresa Clementi from Patient Power. I am contacting you because I found your blog about your mom's ovarian cancer. Our team at Patient Power is very committed to helping drug developers develop better treatments for patients. While part of that is helping people understand and being aware of clinical trials, another part is connecting patients with the people that develop new therapies so they know what's important, challenges patients face, and importance of hearing a first hand perspective of facing ovarian cancer. Right now we are looking for several ovarian cancer patients and care partners to participate on an advisory board to give their personal feedback. If you are willing to share your care partner perspective or think your mom would want to tell her story to the people who make medicines like these, let us know. You can email my colleague Autumn, at autumn@patientpower.info. Thank you! -Theresa

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