Monday, June 13, 2016

Slay Squad at Komen QC Race for the Cure

Slay Squad at Race for the Cure QC

The Komen Race for the Cure was in the Quad Cities this week, and I joined the #slaysquad team in honor of my bestie Diane's daughter Lindsay. Lindsay is only 26 years old and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in April - Stage 3 Invasive Carcinoma.

Her family has no history of breast cancer.

Lindsay began a hearty chemo schedule in May and has finished her 4th round as of last week. She is looking at surgery in October after she gets more rounds of chemo under her belt. She has truly been a tough girl and it breaks my heart that this is really only the beginning for her. Lindsay is my son's age. That is too young. 

We walked in support of Lindsay on Saturday at the Race for the Cure and it was great to be in a place where breast cancer survivors came together to support each other. There was one woman there who was a 45+ year breast cancer survivor. That gives me a lot of hope for Lindsay.

As if the stress of having cancer isn't enough, her family is having a fundraiser to help her with medical costs. Insurance is not enough, especially for someone so young... and don't get me started about insurance! There is a fundraiser for Lindsay on June 26 - aptly named "Slay Day" and she also has a gofundme page
Me, our selfie-crazy friend Mike, Diane and Linday the cancer fighter!