Monday, September 25, 2017

The Big 7-9!

Mom celebrated her 79th birthday this month! We went out to celebrate last Friday - a little late as her actual bday is on Sept. 15 - and had a nice dinner with dessert. The week before she had several lunch and dinner engagements so I did not worry about her not having people to celebrate with! She has many friends and I feel thankful for that.

This has been a good year overall and the chemo break has been good for her. She feels look and looks good and her hair has grown in very nice - again!

We aren't sure what the next round of chemo will bring - her counts have been good and Dr. Porubcin is very happy with her health right now.

I asked mom what she wanted to do next year for the BIG 80 and she just let out a sigh and said that all she is thankful for is each and every day... because she did not expect to make it this far. It has been 8 years since her diagnosis of Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer in March of 2009, and she has been thankful for all of those days and is looking forward to more!

(Part of) The McCann clan at a summer lunch gathering in Ottawa, Summer '17

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