Sunday, February 7, 2010

Insurance company strikes again

The insurance company put the kabosh on mom's Boniva prescription for her osteoporosis, so she is going to start taking Fosamax once a week. Apparently Boniva is too expensive and the company wants her to try the cheaper prescription to start. Fosamax doesn't come in IV form, so she has to take it in pill form. Dr. Porubcin would have liked her to start on an IV with the Boniva as it would have given her a jump start in reversing the bone loss. But, as it stands, insurance companies don't seem to make the best decisions for patients and only do what is in the companies best interest.

Last week she seemed to be achy all over and didn't go to Jazzercise for a few days. Hopefully this week will be a little better. She is still doing the Lovenox daily, and will go in for a port flush I think next week. I'm sure once the weather warms up and the sun comes out for more than an hour at a time, her body will start feeling better.

We're going to Good's in Kewanee next Saturday for Aunt Rosemary's birthday dinner - 70 years old! Despite all of the trials over the last year there always seems to be something to celebrate.

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