Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating Aunt Rosemary's birthday

Saturday mom and I drove to Kewanee to have lunch with Aunt Rosemary on her birthday. She is now officially 70 years old, and wears it well. Aunt Carol and Alaina also drove in so we had a nice crowd for lunch at Good's. She got a lot of nice gifts... one was a large statue for her garden that all of the sisters chipped in for. It was too heavy to take out of the bag so Aunt Rosemary was going to take a picture of it when she gets home and send it to mom and Aunt Ruth so they can see what it looks like.

The aunts have started to sort through their photos, so every time we get together we each get a small batch of old photos to take home. I now have my third set of kindergarten through high school portraits. Aunt Rosemary brought a good photo of a gathering at Aunt Netties. Everyone was sitting outside but couldn't really tell what the occaision was about. I picked out the back of mom's head and Aunt Carol in a tank top. Given the style of clothes it must have been from the early eighties. Alaina got some photos of David and Travis in their cute years... we both were lamenting about how fun it was when our kids were young and did what we told them to.

As many pictures as we took on Saturday - I can tell the aunts are going to have a lot of photos to sort through for awhile.

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