Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Good milestone - chest port removed!

Mom had her chest port taken out today - the thing hasn't been in working order for the last two years so Dr. Porubin gave her the green light to have it removed. She had it done at Hammond Henry (her favorite hospital) and the nurses came by her room in droves to say hello and congratulations on this milestone. Having the port removed is a good indicator that her cancer is at bay and there is no reason to worry. Her counts are good and she doesn't have any symptoms...so it will be a nice holiday season with no worries.

Dr. Atwell (the surgeon) said that the port looked ok after he removed it - there wasn't anything too significant nor was there much fibrin build up. He thinks that maybe part of it was a little too close to the artery wall and that was the reason that they couldn't get much return out of it. No matter anymore. It's out.

Mom is a little sore around her collarbone but the area looks good. She's not bleeding too much either - she is off the Lovenox until tomorrow morning just to be safe. She is SUPPOSED to take it easy for the next couple of days and not exert herself... meaning no Jazzercise and heavy lifting. She can go out on her daily walks and that's about it for now.

Hammond Henry Hospital in Geneseo has had quite a makeover - new construction and a new wing...emergency area, admitting area, gift shop, cafeteria. It's a very nice hospital. It didn't happen without a lot of effort and fundraising. I found mom's name on "the wall" of recognition and thought that it was cool that she not only worked there for many years, but liked it enough to actually come back and be a part of the volunteer corps and also donate to the renovation project. We should all be so fortunate to have a great place to work and retire from and enjoy the place enough to want to volunteer and donate to. Many organizations can't boast that kind of support.

The donor wall at Hammond Henry

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