Monday, June 22, 2015

Family reunion & doctor follow up

Ransom Rat Pack
LtoR: Millard and Claire Brewick (cousins of Glenn),
Don Gillette and my grandpa, Glenn McCann.
Summertime is the time for family reunions. Last weekend mom and I (along w/ my hubs Tom) jumped in the car and headed to Ottawa for the McCann family reunion. There were quite a few chunks of families there - my mom's group (Glenn McCann family); cousins (Claire Brewick's family) and more cousins (the Welwoods) and then cousins Ron and Peggy (Peggy's mom is a McCann). Everyone is under the McCann umbrella somehow so that is the connection. 

I'm not even going to try and type out how who is related to whom. It get's weird when cousins - Claire and Glenn to the right - (Glenn is son of Earl McCann; Claire is son of one of Glenn's aunts not sure which one) marry a daughter and an aunt of another family (my grandma Dolores married Glenn and her aunt Maxine married Claire) so the McCann's are close to the Brewicks (blood relations and marriage). It seems like I always mis-identify someone. For the longest time I thought that some of grandma and grandpa McCann's farm neighbors were cousins - that is how close the families are in Ransom, IL. 

The only thing I DO KNOW is that my hubs' family is from Arkansas and that Tom and I are not cousins. 

Mom had a routine blood-work checkup a couple of weeks ago, and it seems that her counts are up slightly again. Since she is having no other symptoms, Dr. Porubcin will make a note of it and check in again in a couple of weeks. Mom's feet are a bit red and crusty in spots (still a side effect from the Doxil) but I think that is about it - other than that she is feeling good. 

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