Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chemo Day

Today was a chemo day. It went well and no problems. Next Wednesday she will have the two doses - Taxitere and Carboplatin (today was just Taxitere). I don't think this weekend will be too difficult with the side effects, but next week will be a different story. Mom had a very hard time after the second treatment with the carbo. It took her quite a few days to feel half way decent.

Mom's hair is coming out in clumps already, so after chemo today we went over to Betty's Wigs to get mom's new 'do. It looks really great and they did a great job with the color. She is going to go into her hair stylist this week and shave the rest of her hair off since it is falling out so fast and a lot sooner than expected. In hindsight I should have taken a photo.

Mom, Aunt Rosemary, Aunt Carol and Aunt Ruth
Last weekend was the family wedding weekend in Streator! Travis and Samantha had their ceremony and reception in an old masonic temple hall that has been  renovated/updated for events. It was a very cool place and perfect venue.

Mom's youngest sister Aunt Ruth and hubs Uncle Bernie made the trip from Arizona and we all ended up staying in the same hotel in Ottawa. Mom and I were toying around with the idea of heading back to Arizona for a visit in January but not sure how she will be feeling after her chemo treatments are over.

Heather (my cousin who went through chemo again over the summer for ovarian cancer) was able to make it to the reception. It was nice for her and mom to talk a bit about how they both have been managing, and did both of them a world of good to be around family. That is the best "treatment" of all - the hugs and prayers! I wish that was all that was needed to beat this terrible disease.

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