Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Chemo day

Today is a chemo day. Mom is on her third cycle of the Taxitere/Carboplatin treatment.

This morning Dr. Porubcin was happy with her blood counts (liver good; kidneys good) and he is very interested to hear what her CA125 report will reveal. We will get that number in the next few days. And mom is even up a pound - weighed in at 98 pounds - so all is good!

Doctor wants to take her off of the simvastatin for now, so at least she will have one less pill to take during the day. This particular treatment of drugs (mainly the Taxitere) has been wearing her out more, so he is also going to try and pace her treatments through the holidays.

All things considered she is doing well and almost done with her Christmas shopping! As for me - haven't even started yet! Sometimes it is just all about the things that we can't buy that we want for Christmas the most ... to be around friends and family and to have a great meal at the table.

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